Sunday, October 9, 2016

Email Blast #2: Race Course Updates & Other Good Tidings

Hello everyone!

Twenty days to Race Day and we are thrilled to report that Probike & Run has joined us as the Official Fitness Competition Sponsor! (more on that later)

The Race Course is looking great, thanks to hundreds of volunteer hours put in by the crew, including an epic move of a ½ ton bridge recently.

If you’ve done it before, you’ll know both the 5K and 10K are hilly but the views are spectacular up the ridgeline overlooking the Allegheny River. Our three year-old girl ran-walked it last week, so, fun walkers should be fine. Just go slow. The 5K aid station is at the 2.5km mark while the 10K route has a second aid station at 7.5km. Friendly park rangers will be there to dispense first aid and a variety of monster munchies including witches finger cookies pictured below.

Check out the 5K route and the 10K route. It’s a hilly, speedy run. The 10K course record is held by Justin Weaver at 40:43.9 while the 5K course record is 26:46 set by 13 year-old Adam Morrison (More HERE). Reminder: Pre-run is on 10/23 10 am (also the sole opportunity to register in person pre-race).

At the Finish Line, runners will surrender their timing chips. A Medic Tent and refreshment table with bottled water and bananas will be located at the Finish Line.

Of the fabulous post-race activities lined up for you and your family (last week we covered the Costume Contest), the Fitness Competition is a good fun five minutes! You’ll do as many reps as you can in one minute for each of these: pullups, situps, pushups and box jumps. Points are added if you did the 10K or 5K, and the “Plank Off” at noon adds more points for plank time. A grand trophy will be awarded to 'Fittest Male' and to the 'Fittest Female' (ages 13 and up). 'Ms Fit Jr' and 'Mr Fit Jr' medals awarded to 1st place male and female (ages 12 and under). A special prize of a $25 Probikes Gift Card goes to the person with the longest plank time! (More info on scoring HERE)

Tomorrow 10/10 is the last day to sign up that guarantees your t-shirt size choice. Please email us to get your special family discount coupon code! We want to encourage everyone to come out for this festive community event that we put on to fundraise for Scout projects in the Park. Thanks heaps for your support!

Till next week’s update, Happy Trails!

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