Fitness Competition

RESULTS are out for the Fitness Competition 2016

(Last year's Fitness Competition results HERE)

What to Do
  • Runners: At the registration, indicate whether or not you will be participating - this is your pre-registration for the Fitness Competition. Walkers: Come early on Race Day to register for the Walk and Fitness Competition. Volunteers: Come early on Race Day to check in and sign up for the Fitness Competition.
  • Pre-Event Preparation. Work out! Pull ups, push ups, sit ups, box jumps, planks.
  • Event Day. Check in at 'Registration' between 8 - 9.45 am and sign up for the Fitness Competition.
    • Walkers and Volunteers: We encourage you to get the 4 min portion of the Fitness Competition done between 8.30 am – 9.45 am. The Fitness Station will remain open till 11.45 am, but may get busy with Runners after their run.
    • Runners: Soon after you finish your run/walk, report to the Fitness Station to complete the 4 min portion of the Fitness Competition.
    • A 'Plank Off' will be held for all competitors at the Yakaon Pavilion, at the beginning of the Awards Ceremony at around 11.45am. Trophies will be awarded at 12.30 pm.
Male and female ages 12 and under, Male and female 13 and up

A grand trophy will be awarded to 'Fittest Male' and to the 'Fittest Female' in the age category 13 and up. 'Fittest Male' and 'Fittest Female'. 'Ms Fit Jr' and 'Mr Fit Jr' medals awarded to 1st place male and female age category 12 and under. Plus bragging rights for an entire year until Fitness Competition 2017 is held. :)

Scoring Criteria
Scores will be weighted for runners and walkers vs non-runners. 
Competitors will do as many as they are able of: Pull ups/1 minute, Pushups/1 minute, Situps/1 minutes, Box jumps/1 minute. Four minutes, 15 seconds given to rotate to the next station.
Competitors' scores will be subtotaled going into the 'Plank Off'.
A weighted score based on how long competitors are able to maintain proper plank form will be added to the subtotaled scores to obtain Total Scores for each competitor.


(See the sample score sheet below for an idea of how the scoring will be tabulated)

Below are the results of last year's Fitness Competition:


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