Costume Contest

Update Winners

Best Overall -  the 'Vending Machine'

Cutest Costume

  • 1st Waste management #26
  • 2nd Bird from UP #15
  • 3rd
Scariest Costume

  • 1st Jack in the Box #30 (Mikayla Nielen)
  • 2nd Scary Convict #16
  • 3rd Fallen Angel #1
Funniest Costume

  • 1st Knock Knock #10
  • 2nd Yodel #25
  • 3rd Snow Globe

  • 1st Super Family #11


What to Do
  • Pre-Event Preparation. Decide which Category you would like to compete in, and prepare your most awesome costume accordingly. Decide on a Name for your Costume. Prizes will be awarded for the following Categories:
    • Best Overall Costume (Most Creative and Original)
    • Cutest Costume
    • Scariest Costume
    • Funniest Costume
    • Best Couples/Group Costume
    • Best Owner-Pet Costume
  • Event Day. Report in costume to the Judges Booth anytime between 8.30am-11.30am.
    • Be present for the Awards Ceremony that starts 11.30 am.
    • All the Best!
Judging Criteria
Costumes will be judged based on:
  • Authenticity 
  • Originality
  • Detail
  • Presentation
Best Overall Costume (Most Creative and Original) will be determined by most points.

(See sample score sheet below for an idea of how the scoring will be done)


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